Carnevale Sweets

Dark Chocolate Bag of 3/20 MG

Carnevale Sweets
Dark Chocolate
Bag of 3/20MG


Our signature dark chocolate is known for its consistent and superior quality. Smooth and decadent, this is the base for our line of  healthy flavored chocolates infused with CBD.


Product Description

Sugar, partially hydrogenated palm kernal and cottonseed oils, nonfat dry milk, cocoa processed with alkali, cocoa, glyceryl lacto esters of fatty acids, soy lecithin, salt, organic virgin coconut oil, CBD isolate.

Nutrition Facts Dark chocolate
calories 29
calories from  fat 29
fat (g) 2
saturated fat (g) 1.75
cholesterol (mg) 0.05
sodium (mg) 5.5
carbohydrates (g) 3
dietary fiber (g) 0.1
total sugar (g) 2.5
protein (g) 0.2
vitamin A 0.1


Additional Information
Dimensions 6 x 4 x .5 in

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Dark Chocolate
Bag of 3/20MG”