Carnevale Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

NET WT 2OZ. 300mg CBD

Carnevale Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
300mg CBD


Never chemically treated while processed, our organic extra virgin coconut oil has all the aroma and benefits retained. Our  coconut oil is versatile and has a wide range of healthy uses. Coconut oil can be used in food preparation and is 100 percent  edible. Coconut oil is also works perfectly as a topical, and is readily absorbed into the skin or can be used as a lip balm. Infused with CBD,  Carnevale Coconut Oil is moisturizing  and pain relieving.

Safe for diabetics
Safe for pets

1 tsp oil = 25mg CBD


Product Description

New formula!!! We have brought together the same great CBD and coconut oil along with other ingredients to deliver a rapid, deep penetration of CBDs into the skin . This delivery system will bring faster relief than its predecessor. Still giving you the same CBD dose but so much faster results. Please note this is for topical use only and is not to be ingested.

Nutrition Facts Coconut oil
calories 480
calories from  fat 480
fat (g) 56
saturated fat (g) 48
cholesterol (mg)  0
sodium (mg)  0
carbohydrates (g)  0
dietary fiber (g)  0
total sugar (g)  0
protein (g)  0
vitamin A  0
calcium (mg)  0
iron (mg)  0






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300mg CBD”